Quiz on the Chemistry of Halogenoalkanes

Index of Flash Animations:

Atomic Structure and Bonding:
Atomic Structure
Bonding in Ammonia
Bonding in Magnesium Chloride
Bonding in Methane
Bonding in Water
Electron Configurations
Elements Mixtures and Compounds
First Ionization Energy Graph
Inter and Intramolecular Forces
Ionic Crystal Lattice
Particle Experiment

Industrial Chemistry:
Blast Furnace

Organic Chemistry:
Addition Reactions of Alkenes
Cracking Alkane
Ester Formation
Fractional Distillation of Crude Oil
Name Alkanes
Formation of Addition Polymers
Test for an Alkene
Self-test Quiz:
Alcohol Quiz
Aldehyde Quiz
Alkene Quiz
Benzene Quiz
Carboxylic Acid Quiz
Grignard Reagent Quiz
+ Halogenoalkane Quiz +

Qualitative Analysis:
Test for Cations

Quantitative Analysis:
Acid Base Titration
Metal Carbonate Titration

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